God speaks, we hear.

Written by Marisha Carter | Feb 10th, 2021

God has always wanted to be in relationship with us, to communicate with us.

I have been thinking how does it work in practice, what has been my experience?

When I was young it was largely a one way conversation with me doing the talking. I was quite happy to know he was listening; I didn't have much expectation that God would be answering back, not in any direct way. 

Having come from an evangelical background the scriptures were very important and were considered the normal way for God to be in contact. That of course is still true. He lovingly speaks to me through his Word. I can't tell you the amount of times I have come across a scripture which I have undoubtedly read lots of times when suddenly I find it speaking directly into the current situation.

I am also very aware that the Lord uses other people to give me a little nudge, to remind me of  his presence in my life. There has been times when I have heard very audibly what is required of me, whether I am to put aside my fears and feelings or perhaps a need to forgive. Other ways too.

About twenty five years ago or so I was going through a very bad time. I lived opposite a beach so often I found myself walking along that beach crying to God. It was a place of solace for me. As I walked along the tide line which had the usual flotsam and jetsam;  seaweed, shells and broken blue china my eye fell on a small piece of cream pottery with black writing on it. I picked it up.

There written very small were the words 'never despair'

Now the chances of me finding a very small piece of pottery, on a long beach with those exact words of encouragement to me have to be beyond calculation.

I knew though that the God who made the innumerable stars had spoken to me. That piece of pottery is very precious to me; a constant reminder that my Father loves me.

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