He is the God of the Bible and is absolutely real.

Written by Ann | Feb 12th, 2021

Do you ever feel that God is far away, and you need to know He is real to you again?.

Maybe you wonder if you have been indoctrinated, and need to know whether the God of the Bible really is who He says He is.

How do you cope with theories that conflict with your faith?.

Some years ago this happened to me.

I didn’t want to believe the Bible if it wasn’t true, and I needed God to convince me He was real.

I knew that if He was real, and the God of the Bible, that I should not put to a test, or seek signs, but I so needed Him to convince me. I decided to just ask Him to convince me, leaving the way, the time, and the place to His control, and discretion.

I had previously felt spooked about anything super-natural and hoped that if God was out there, and if He really cared about me, He would not frighten me.

I waited, hopefully, but determined to know for sure.

One evening I visited a Christian couple who happened to have invited other friends to join them for prayer that evening.

I joined in, and with a thimble full of faith, thanked God for sending Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. As others prayed, my mind wandered.

Like in a daydream, with my eyes closed, I could see the door into the room open and a white cloud floated in. I opened my eyes and saw the door was closed. I closed my eyes, telling myself to pay attention to the prayers of the others. I could again see the open door, and the cloud floated over to me, and enveloped me.

It was so gentle and peaceful, that I wasn’t at all spooked. It made me think of the dove of the Holy Spirit that rested upon Christ when He was baptised by John.

Soon afterwards I read the scriptures Ephesians 1v14 & 4v30 and understood that God had sealed me, in His way, as His own.

Exodus 13v21; 1 Kings 8v11; 2 Chronicles 5v14; Ezekiel 10v4 and other scriptures, speak of the presence and glory of the Lord being manifest as a cloud.

I had never noticed these scriptures before.

God had gently, but very certainly, convinced me.

He is the God of the Bible and is absolutely real.

He didn’t answer all my questions, but it was like He gave me a hug, and I knew He was so real that the questions just evaporated.

1 Chronicles 28v9 says “If you seek Him (God), He will be found by you.”

If you truly want to know if God is real, let me encourage you to search for Him, for if you do so sincerely, and respectfully,

He will indeed, be found by you.

Just let it be in His way, place and time and you will know YOU never made it happen.

Thank you Ann for sharing your story. It is so encouraging to hear how our God comes to each of us in absolutely unique ways; thank you for sharing your life changing moment with us.

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