Speaking to the Lord as a close friend.

Written by Graham Fowler | Feb 11th, 2021

My personal prayer life has changed over the years in becoming more informal and conversational in nature.

I found when using set prayers and a regular pattern of praise, seeking forgiveness and making supplications, that I gave little time for reflection.

I also found that whilst the requests varied depending on what was concerning me most at the time, the other elements became somewhat repetitive such that I felt I was not truly engaged in them.

In speaking to the Lord as I would a loved one or close friend, I find I give more time/space to listen.

This is sometimes filled with my own reflection on what I have prayed, which can be helpful in itself, but every now and again a thought or prompt to act, that I would not have considered, arises and for me this encounter with God is a source of inspiration and strength.

There have been times when I have felt overwhelmed by an event in my life

Such as the death of a loved one or physical pain, and have been saved from drowning by an unspoken prayer that elicits a voice of calm and wisdom, rescuing me and deepening my faith, which has not always been unshaken.

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