Week of prayer for Christian Unity

Written by Marisha Carter | Jan 20th, 2021

This week is the week of prayer for Christian Unity.

Normally there would be joint services and celebrations between the various denominations but with the restrictions that won't happen in quite the same way this year. It is still important though that we continue in our prayers for unity, understanding and friendship. 

I haven't done this for many years now but when I was young, I loved looking through my kaleidoscope; it kept me amused for hours. I am sure there is a great definition of kaleidoscopes but here is mine. It is a tube containing coloured glass and mirrors that reflect off each other producing beautiful symmetrical patterns.

There was always the same amount of coloured glass and mirrors inside that tube but a little movement or rotation and the view would change, how wonderfully clever.

I think the Christian Church is a little like that. We are all in the same tube (All one in Christ Jesus), but each piece is a little different (the Church) each mirror (us) reflects differently. Together they make a beautiful pattern to be admired by all. It is a constantly changing picture. Sadly, so often each segment of the universal church has wanted to go off on its own, believing, they had all the beauty and truth.

It is only when we stand and work together that we really make that beautiful whole; that is what the week of prayer is about... coming together in love, reflecting off each other the Christ within us.

Let's keep loving, forgiving and following Jesus together.