The Cross

Written by Elizabeth Thomas | Circa 2005

Each of us must bear a cross

As we journey on life’s road

Sometimes we struggle with the weight

So heavy is the load It’s made of all the lessons

That each of us must learn

All the troubles, all the problems

Every worry or concern

But it seemed to me that others have

A cross they bear with ease

While mine’s so tired and heavy

So I’ll choose another please

I’d like a cross of roses’ red,

I’m sure I’ll suit it well

With the beauty of the flowers

And that oh so fragrant smell

So delicate on the outside

But those evil thorns within

Were so cruel and sharp and piercing

As they scratched and tore my skin

So I’ll try a cross of precious gems

Emeralds and diamonds bright

I think this one’s the one for me

As I’ll sparkle in the light

But the jewels they were so radiant

That no one looked to see

The beauty of a loving heart

Or the person that was me

So now I have a shabby cross

It’s worn, but it looks fine

It’s comfortable and fits so well

And that’s because it’s mine.

Elizabeth Thomas | Circa 2005