The Angels Came

Written by Elizabeth Thomas

It is with great sadness that I post this poem. Two little girls Olivia aged 6 and her sister Anna aged 1 have been missing here in Tenerife since April 27th. Sadly, the body of Olivia has now been found. We pray for their Mother Beatriz and all their family and continue to hope that Anna will be found alive and well. RIP Olivia"

You rest in peace my little one

Your earthly life, though short, now done

This was not the path I’d planned

When the angels took you by the hand

On angels wings as white as snow

They called your name you had to go

And I was left behind to cry

Why did my infant angel die

The angels came, you went away

I prayed they’d leave you one more day

That I could hold you for a while

To touch your face, to see your smile

To taste your kisses oh so sweet

Those tiny hands and tiny feet

They’re now a precious memory

Once angels set your spirit free

I thought to me you did belong

But you were God’s child all along

Just loaned to me from heaven above

That I would know a Mother’s love

From whence we came we must return

But while on earth life’s lesson learn

And even though for you

I weep I know the Lord your soul will keep

Through faith, my hurt, so raw will heal

Please God in time at peace

I’ll feel But just for now I need to mourn

My fragile heart in pieces torn

My infant angel’s laid to rest

I know that I was truly blessed

For even though your stay was brief

The joy you brought outweighs my grief.

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Elizabeth Thomas | 10th March 2010