Thank you Mum

Written by Elizabeth Thomas | 2nd March 2013

Since the day that time had begun

God gave each child a loving Mum

For Mothers play a leading role

In nurturing each tiny soul

From inside the womb the love just grows

Through the pain of birth each Mother knows

That this little soul will bring great joy

Whether it be girl or boy

She’ll mould and shape this little life

Sheltering through storms and strife

Giving comfort when in tears

Dispelling all those childhood fears

With hugs and cuddles she’ll keep him warm

Protecting him from things that harm

Each grazed knee, each kiss goodnight

From her he’ll learn what’s wrong or right

Her love so constant always true

Regardless of what he may do

And though at times she will chastise

He’ll always be perfect in her eyes

With words of encouragement every day

She’ll guide him as he finds his way

For the lessons learned at his Mother’s knee

Will forge the man that he will be

Though this little soul is heaven sent

Each Mother knows he’s only lent

And when he leaves, the World to roam

There’s a place in her heart that will always be home

So on Mothering Sunday we say thank you

For each Mother’s love so pure and true

This precious gift from God above

Is to give each child a Mothers love.

Thank You Mum