Poems for Remembrance Day

Written by Elizabeth Thomas

LET ME (A Soldier's Prayer)

Let me see the sun rise

in that place I call my home,

for here I am so far away

so frightened and alone.

Let me hear the birds sing

as they soar into the sky,

not the song of death ringing in my ears

as I listen to men die.

Let me hear the babbling brook,

or hear the ocean's roar,

for the music playing in my head

is the orchestra of war.

Let me hear the weather,

the thunder, wind and rain,

not the cannons and the bullets

and the men who cry in pain.

Let me eat a home-cooked meal,

or drink a pint of beer,

army rations do the job

but they're swallowed down in fear.

Let me watch a cricket match

or cheer at a football game,

there is no sport on the killing field

to injure or to maim.

Let me love my wife again,

lay my head upon her breast,

to sleep the sweetest sleep with her

for here I have no rest

Let me hear my son laugh

as I tuck him into bed.

The children here have lost their smiles;

their fathers lying dead.

Let me be a husband,

a father to my son;

they need to know the man I'll be

not remember someone gone.

Let me buy some trivial thing,

like flowers for my wife.

So small a cost compared to war,

where the price is human life.

Let this night not be my last

Let me see the stars once more.

Lord, life is held within your hands

this death is the hand of war.

Let me say this prayer again,

each night the same I pray.

Tomorrow, Lord, stay by my side

Let me live another day.

Elizabeth Thomas


From trenches and beaches, to the war on terror

For our fallen heroes we pray

They deserve our respect and our honour

And we remember them all today.

They fought for Queen and for country

For freedom they stood side by side

They faced horrors that we can't imagine

For us, they suffered and died.

Each one who died in the arms of war

Had made plans for a future life

They sacrificed their hopes and dreams

For us they gave their life

For war is the cruelest of mistress

As she roams from place to place

She is in shopping malls, cities or airports

Moving boundaries, and changing her face.

She strikes at the heart of freedom

To control is her ultimate aim

She plots to gain freedom's destruction

There's no rules in her terrible game.

Today's troups on active duty

Provide a service that we should respect

When they return distressed or broken

It's our duty to care, not neglect.

As we pray for a world without conflict

So that from war we can refrain

From the mistress who steals our brave heroes

To a world where freedom can reign.

So from the wars of the past to the present

We honour all those who have died

And today on Remembrance Sunday

It is right we remember with pride.

Elizabeth Thomas | Circa 2016


An old man with his memories

Of the time he went to war

He fought for Queen and country

As his Father had before

He stood upon the battlefield

So afraid, so unprepared

As into the face of the enemy

With his rifle cocked he stared

So many horrors he witnessed

When at war, man faces man

To kill, to maim, to injure

Was surely not God’s plan

He returned from war a hero

Although in his heart he knew a lie

For they had failed to notice

How in fear he’d often cry

From battlefield to theatre

It seems war has changed its name

But the injured and the dying

Well that remains the same

A soldier has been commended

To him great honour is paid

A hero now returning home

Sadly, in a casket laid

So many men gave of their lives

We remember those heroes now gone

Yet today another man will die

Whilst war survives, and marches on

The old man he was lucky

From war’s grip he did survive

And he prays each day, please God

Keep today’s young heroes alive.

Elizabeth Thomas | 10/09/2013


We remember those from the trenches long past

Now the theatre of war or the terrorist blast

Too many souls have sung war's death song

For young men die, and yet war still lives on.

We remember those women, mothers, wives

Their loved ones now dead they paid with their lives

Their men's loving hearts now silenced, still

With their tears and their grief they pick up the bill

We remember those who will never be free

With war's souvenir, they are war's casualty

Those still fight in their tortured mind

Those who've lost limbs, or the burned or the blind.

We'll remember those who will die today

That there may be peace, Lord, for this we pray

On a Remembrance Day, we remember all these

Wear a poppy to show you remember them please.

With pride

Elizabeth Thomas | 21/08/2012


With leaves of green and petals red

We think of those now long since dead

This Remembrance Sunday let us pray

For the young soldier who will die today

In far off lands in fields of war

Does he know what he’s fighting for?

A young man whose life has just begun

And now he stands behind a gun

He knows now, that war’s no game

There’s only death, no glamour, fame

He’s fighting men and fighting fears

He’s seen enough of blood and tears

Another day, will he survive?

That he may come home still alive

Or will he in a casket return

How many more, before we learn

That there’s no glory in a war

Only shattered limbs, and blood, and gore

Today another man will die

A grieving wife and mother cry

A bomb explodes a man is killed

His beating heart now silent, stilled

No more future, no more life’s plan

Of being a husband, father, man

At his graveside prayers are said

A brave young soldier, sadly, dead

In his short life he gave his best

In peace, we lay his body to rest

In war there is no victory

War’s gifts are pain and misery

For only when All wars do cease

Can our heroes, truly, rest in peace.

Elizabeth Thomas | 11/07/2010


Just another normal day

The sun rose in the sky

Nothing seemed unusual

On the day that I will die

Breakfast in the mess tent

Bacon, eggs and bread

Just a few hours more

And I'll be lying dead

A briefing, then manoeuvres

Tanks roll on dusty track

I didn't realise at the time

They'd bring my body back

The ambush came from nowhere

The bomb blast, the roar

Then the tank exploded

My life it was not more

Someone from the army

Phoned to tell my wife

'He was a find young soldier

He bravely gave his life'

Gave my life! I don't think so

Life's not a gift to give

For if my life was in my hands

I would choose to live

No time to laugh with family

No time to hold my wife

No time to say I love you

No longer have I life

Elizabeth Thomas | October 2009