Written by Elizabeth Thomas

Each of us we know so well

That wondrous Easter story

Of how Jesus died upon the cross

And of his resurrection glory

Beaten bloodied crucified

From death to rise again

To show to us that rebirth

Is a promise to all men

But if we take the time to look

In springtime every year

We see the signs of rebirth

Are around us everywhere

For underneath the frozen ground

New shoots are pushing through

To bloom once more in beauty

With their perfume and their hue

On trees with naked branches

New leaves can now be seen

And the earth that once was barren

Is again carpeted with green

Yet even after so many years

There are some men who still doubt

Though all the signs of rebirth

Can be seen round and about

To remind us each and every year

As the birds begin to sing

God shows to us the glory

That eternal life will bring

So each day when we cross the road

To reach the other side

Remember he crossed the road of life

It was for us that Jesus died.

Elizabeth Thomas