Happy New Year 2021!

Written by Marisha Carter | Jan 2nd, 2021

Usually at this time of the year, New Year resolutions are banded around, this year there doesn’t seem to be that many. I wonder why that is. Perhaps it is the uncertainty that we have all been through last year.

Have we anything we have to gain from the experiences of 2020?

I think the are things we should leave behind and those we can take forward into 2021.

We can leave behind doubt, fear, anxiety and being judgmental of others. What we take forward is faith, hope, love, care of others and learning to appreciate or understand others opinions even if we disagree with them.

Happy New Year!

We have a lot to be thankful for and that will continue if we choose to trust in God and be positive.

Photo: ChristianChan | Getty Images via canva.com