A message from Eggardon and Colmers

Eggardon Hill

Colmers Hill

Here in the Benefice of Eggardon and Colmers (two hills, the former of which is a hill fort, that lie at the opposite boundaries of the Benefice) the good weather has enabled us to sing again - and what a joy it is.

After months of humming behind masks, holding some services outside or walking outside for the final hymn has enabled rusty voices to croak into service again. It makes such a difference to the spirit in giving praise and worship for all that God has given us, including our wonderful surroundings. We look forward to when we can let our voices sing in praise of the Lord inside again and return to full Choral Evensong rather than spoken renderings of the liturgy.

The better weather has also reminded us of how long it has been since we were in Tenerife and how much we look forward to returning and being able to join in the worship at San Blas together with sharing a coffee (or a beer!) together again.

We pray the rollout of the vaccination programme will be extended to embrace all, particularly those in nations less wealthy and where vaccine manufacture does not take place. We give especial thanks to God for all those agencies and individuals struggling to manage the pandemic in such places.

May the Lord sustain them in their efforts. Amen

Every Blessing, Graham Fowler