A chance encounter or a God incidence?

Written by Marisha Carter | Dec 13th, 2020

For sometime and for various reasons, the council of St. Francis Church decided that we needed a new website which would be a window into the life of St. Francis and a tool to help us in our mission of reaching out to all who come to Tenerife. Initial enquiries were made around the Archdeaconry to see how others promoted their church; all looked very good.

So... we were not to imagine that a visit to a local cobbler's shop was to end with what we believe to be great website.

I went in with my few words of carefully rehearsed Spanish to get shoe polish. Immediately I was greeted with 'we speak English' , phew that was a relief. The lady who spoke explained that she didn't actually work there, she was there to help the business set up a website. From that moment on a great relationship began with our web builder Alex Marcano, who is from South America, now living in Tenerife, having married a Canarian.

She has embraced wholeheartedly our concept of having a friendly, easy to navigate, site which captured our beliefs as a church, gave accurate information that would lead any visitor through our doors and encourage our congregations in their Christian walk. The work began with several meetings between her, myself and John. She led us gently though the intricacies of what was possible (slowly, as neither of us are techno wizzes). For our part, we were to provide photos, scripts for each of our three churches, links and other vital information. The work had begun. Material for checking arrived almost daily into our inboxes. 

Finally we have arrived.

A new website anglicanchurchtenerife.com has been born. Of course there will be more to add as we go along and we are still learning how to manage it but I think we can safely say what might have been called just a chance encounter really turned out to be A God Incidence.