Lunch at San Blas

Written by Marisha Carter | 16th January 2022

St. Francis Church has long been known for it's hospitality and fellowship with parties and events that have kept the three churches close. It seems a very long time since we were able to function as we used to. Of course there have been small events like the Los Gigantes lunches which have mainly continued as soon as the harsh restrictions were lifted.

Last Sunday was a special day in more ways than one. As most of you know John has been priest here for over five years and normally he would have been re-licensed around the fifth anniversary. For various reasons it was delayed until last Sunday when our Archdeacon the Venerable David Waller came to re licence John on behalf of  Bishop Robert. The service was held at San Eugenio Church where around forty people attended for the occasion.

The second reason why it was a special day was that twenty nine of us from all of the churches were able to meet and enjoy a fellowship lunch at San Blas. Every one was relaxed and happy. It all seemed so normal and as it used to be. It has been a long and difficult time for us and most churches since April 2020 but just one event like we had on Sunday pushed the memories of the past nigh on two years out of mind and gave great hope for the future.

I did my usual 'David Bailey' routine with my trusty IPad and we now have photos for posterity. I hope you enjoy them.