Christmas Poems

Christmas poems written by Elizabeth Thomas | Dec 2021


Mary rode upon a donkey

Her babe would be here soon

She gave birth in a stable

At the Inn there was no room

The news of Mary’s baby

Travelled on a star

To shepherds watching over flocks

And wise men from afar

Mary wrapped her babe in swaddling bands

A lamb the shepherds brought

With gold and frankincense and myrrh

This babe the wise men sought

A heavenly host of angels

Above the stable did sing

“Christ is born in Bethlehem

Glory to the new born king”

To the hospital by taxi

Mary’s baby on the way

She delivered in a birthing pool

He was born on Christmas Day

She posted her news onto Facebook

Photos of her baby boy

Friends and family around the World

Emailed messages of joy

Mary wrapped her babe in a brand new shawl

Gifts delivered for her and her son

Flowers and teddies a Mothercare voucher

And a hamper via “Amazon”

Nurses humming Christmas carols

From the radio a choir sang

Mary thought of that babe born long ago

When Christmas first began


It's Christmas Day, I must get up

There's so much to be done.

Stuff the turkey, steam the pudding

Join in the family fun.

There were children at the doorstep

Their tuneful carols sing

And Christmas cards from absent friends

I've hung them on a string.

Fairy lights and baubles,

Tinsel on the tree

Unopened presents lay beneath

I hope there's one for me.

Holly wreaths and mistletoe

Who will steal a kiss?

The Queen's speech on the tele

And a film I mustn't miss.

It all began many years ago

That very first Christmas Eve

No room at the Inn the landlord said

I'm afraid you'll have to leave.

Poor Mary heavy with unborn child

She looked so tired and sad

Rest in my stable the landlord bade

It's dry and not so bad.

There in that stable she gave birth

To an infant created from love

A prince, a lord, the Son of God

A messenger from above.

Kings and shepherds travelled to see

This wondrous holy sight

And that's how it was all those years ago

On the very first Christmas Night.

So much to do so much to buy

Our money quick to spend

No time to think of that lonely soul

His wish is for a friend

Or a homeless child living on the street

Begging to be fed

Or the people whose country torn by war

Their loved ones lying dead

Look at the face of a starving child

His eyes reflect his pain

His land so dry, no crops will grow

His Christmas wish is rain.

It is God's wish that each of us

Should love our fellow man

And to create heaven on earth

Is his eternal plan

He gave to us that Christmas morn

A gift, his precious son

He saw that man had lost his way

And something must be done.

But for what! Have we learned?

Do our wealth we share

With strangers, beggars, black or white

Do we really care?

These thoughts of Christmas in my head

Round and round they run

But I really must get out of bed

And get the Turkey done.