Christmas Day Dawns

A Christmas Reflection by Marisha Carter | Dec 25th, 2021

This Christmas Day I awoke early so decided to watch the dawn break. Perhaps you did too in another part of the world. The light seeping into the darkness is imperceptible; little by little, second by second the darkness vanishes, the day has dawned and it is light. I never tire of watching, each time a little different but the same principle.

I thought it a little like Christ coming into the world. Few knew of, or noticed, his arrival, unawarely for all but a few, like the dawn expected but hardly noticed until the light has fully come.

Each year at Christmas we are reminded of Jesus' coming so unobtrusively and yet all-changing for anyone who has eyes to see. The light which is Christ, when recognised and accepted banishes the darkness of our lives. We become a new creation. The first of the light to us seems bright after the darkness but as time goes on the light begins to shine in every corner of our lives and the darkness; our old selves, our old values, attitudes and understanding have to disappear, they are at odds with the new light in our lives.

Like the dawn breaking, slowly but surely we change. Light and dark do not live together easily, the dark must die, give way to the light, to shine as it should. The battle is on but the victory has already been won by Christ, who is our life and salvation. There may always be some darkness in our lives but do not fear, God who is the creator of everything is with us both in the dark and the light. His purposes for our lives will come to pass the more we walk in his light.