Christian Aid Week


Written by Jill Pargeter | May 12th, 2021

It was my privilege to share with the congregations of St Francis in San Eugenio, San Blas and Los Gigantes on Sunday for Christian Aid Week. 

We saw how the support that Christian Aid gives to local communities in Kenya is helping to combat the effects of climate change.  With drought becoming more frequent and intense, millions of people are left short of food as they are unable to grow crops.

People like Rose have to walk for hours every day on dangerous journeys to collect water for their families.  However, Christian Aid’s partner, Anglican Development Services Eastern (ADSE) are supporting community to build earth dams.  With money raised by Christian Aid supporters, they are able to buy the resources necessary and the local communities built the dams themselves.  We heard about Florence who exudes joy in her face.  Thanks to the dam near her village, she is able to grow vegetables, feed her children and sell honey from the bees she keeps. She says “I have been sustained by the earth dam.  My life has changed.  I am very happy. You can see it in my face; my face is shining. I have strength and power.”

In the reading from the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 10:44-48), Peter asked how can we withhold water from people?  I challenged the congregations that we can be the provider of water to those people who are having water withheld due to climate change.

This Christian Aid Week, we can all support communities like Rose’s. 

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Stock Footage:

Christian Aid Week film 2021 featuring Florence. The film was originally to be released for the 2020 CAW churches film but due to the pandemic was pushed back to 2021. More information here