A little tradition … at San Blas

Written by Marisha Carter | Dec 18th, 2020

All of the churches we worship in are now readying themselves for the Christmas celebration. Nativity scenes, lights, trees, and of course lovely poinsettias are being put up for all to enjoy.

For several years now there has been a tradition with our Roman Catholic hosts and ourselves of decorating San Blas Church together. It is always enjoyable and satisfying seeing it all come together. First the Belen (Nativity scene) is put in front of the altar, although not all of it, as more pieces arrive as we come closer to the day when we celebrate the birth of the Christ child. Jesus isn't there yet, neither are the Kings.

This year we had new members of the team as Begoña, the sacristan of the parish of El Medano wasn't available. She was missed but we were fortunate to have a lovely young couple, Pablo and Iuliana to help in her place. Fortunate too that they were strong and fit as the tree takes quite a bit of erecting.

Stars, bells, baubles, ribbons and lights all transformed what was just a tree into a feast to the eyes. It became a visible illustration of celebration; we have lots to celebrate in the birth of Jesus.

Hope to see you there

This year sadly we can't have our usual shared Carol service and Christmas Eve Carols but we will have good recorded Carols at our service on Christmas day at noon.

A little tradition at

San Blas